Why Grapeseed Oil?

Chef’s prefer Grapeseed Oil as their cooking oil of choice.  Grapeseed Oil is so very light… you taste the food, not the oil. My friend Holly is a great cook. She told me that she had been using Wildtree Grapeseed Oil in her cooking for a while, and that she really liked it. She mentioned that you taste the flavor of the food, not the oil…so I wanted to try it too. She was right.  I believe the main reason my food tastes so good is because of the Grapeseed Oils. There are many flavor-infused Grapeseed Oils to choose from.

Another reason for using Grapeseed Oil in cooking is that Grapeseed Oil has a very high flash point– 419° F, therefore it will not begin to smoke/burn until it reaches 419°.  This is a huge plus for many reasons.

Wildtree Grapeseed Oil Uses