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Hello! As a home-based business owner, I have added this page to my site to share my favorite business building tips and tools.

First post is about my mentor, Todd Herman who occasionally offers his genius to the world in the form of videos. Beginning June 6 through June 23, 2016…  you can access his Free 90-Day Year Video Series -Plus- LiveStream Coaching Event.

I personally went through The 90 Day Year program and have been super-satisfied with the training and support that I received That being the case, my high regard for the program has led me to be an affiliate marketer, endorsing The 90 Day Year to others, and I receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post.


..Free Webinar

“I guarantee this will be the most valuable, high quality business training you’ve attended all year!” –Todd

Access To Free Video Series  .. Access Free Video Series

You know, we all work really, really hard. Yet most people feel that they don’t have enough time for the people and activities they love. But some people have figured out a way of launching a life by design. As an entrepreneur myself, I am very excited to help you explore this tremendous opportunity to learn from the best-of-the-best business coach, Todd Herman.

So.. Twice a year, Todd releases a free video training series on “Business Transformations” – he’s such a pro at this stuff! (Runs a VC company, trains Olympians, advises billionaires… and on and on.) And now he is sharing some fabulous business info with entrepreneurs like us!!

Livestream TeachingThese links are from the last launch. Hang tight, and I will add the new links when available…
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Business Growth Game Plan

June 6  Video 1  

June 9  Video 2  

June 13 Video 3 

June 16 Video 4

June 23 Video 5 Cart Closes 

The 90 Day Year Revealed

Most people may think that it is just business owners that can benefit from this series of free videos. But some of us have come to see the power of implementing the skills Todd coaches into our family life, raising children, teams we coach and groups we are a part of. Think of anyone in a leadership position who is trying to build into the lives of their children or a team. Click one of the share buttons on the right with people you know.

P..S. I have partnered with Todd to spread the word about this because I truly believe in the results it can produce. When you watch the video, if you like it you can also share on Twitter or Facebook… which we would greatly appreciate.

Cheers… Mary

“Performance is the opposite of potential” – Todd Herman