Eating More Fruits & Vegetables


Eating more fruits & vegetables actually makes meal-planning simpler, because they do not need much prep.  The absolutely best possible ways to get the most nutritional value from fruits & veggies is to eat them raw or juiced.  Healthier and simplified.

I try to put a salad or a plate of veggies on the table with every dinner.  Sometimes we have cooked veggies, but as a rule, my goal is to put the fresh salad or veggie plate out. The Wildtree blends offer a myriad of accompanying dips, spreads, & sauces to invite even the most finicky eaters.

Juicing is a great way to avoid wasting fruits & vegetables.  A couple of times a week you can go through the fridge and make juices from the fruits & veggies before they are too old.  To get the full benefit of the enzymes in the juice, drink immediately.  You can also add fresh juices to other ingredients for smoothies.

My first juicer was by Le Equip. One day, I found an identical juicer on clearance at Sams Club for $25.00! I saved it, and when my first juicer broke down, I pulled out the new. Now I had the extra attachments for rotating when parts were in the dishwasher.

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